Berlin – GRANT WRITING SEMINAR and WORKSHOP 7 & 8 December 2019

Join us for the last Clinic of the year to hear about the upcoming funding calls and learn how to maximize your success in 2020!

You know your art work or project is good, but you are not sure if you know the right way to make a proper project application. Berlin Art Grant Clinic aims at teaching artists, curators, NGOs and other creative minds the necessary tools for writing successful grant and residency applications. These include particular techniques, hints and tricks in all stages of an application. In these two days, you will be instructed step by step through the narrative structure. You will learn how to formulate and write a successful project description and application, prepare a portfolio, CV, write an artist statement, motivation letter, making an efficient budget and timeline.

Berlin Art Grant Clinic offers grant Diagnosis Seminars, application Operation Workshops and a private Emergency Room to support your applications. It particularly focuses on exploring ways of finding the suitable German and International application calls for your project/artwork.

Location: Kreuzberg, Berlin, tbc
Berlin Art Grant Clinic is a support system for artists, curators, NGOs and creative minds from all fields to help them to equip themselves for a successful career in the art scene. Through its seminars, workshops and consultancy practices it fills the gap between the art schools and the professional life, and helps cultural actors to sustain their careers as well as their lives. Established in 2014, the clinic coached more than 900 artists, curators, cultural managers and designers and helped so many of them to receive funding. With the Emergency Room, Berlin Art Grant Clinic’s success rate is 76%.

Ece Pazarbaşı, the ‘doctor’ of the clinic is working as a Guest Lecturer at Aalto University and Helsinki Fine Arts Academy and teaching the content of the Clinic since 2016. She has also given Grant Writing courses at Weissensee Kunsthochshcule, UdK Berlin, Mainz and Kassel Kunsthochschule as well as at bildungswerk des bbk Berlin, Transart Institute – Plymouth University, Open University, Helsinki Finland, HIAP Artist Residency, Branchentreff – Performing Arts Programm des Laft Berlin and PAP – Performing Arts Programme. She is serving the juries various funding organisations including Bezirktamt Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg and Berlin Senate. ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­

­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ FOR MORE INFO on content, location, fees & registration:

The SIGGRAPH 2020 Art Gallery juried exhibition.

SIGGRAPH 2020’s venue is home to the largest public art collection in D.C., outside of a museum. Over 120 works of sculpture, painting, photography, and mixed media by artists from around the world fill every floor of the 2.3 million square feet.

For the SIGGRAPH 2020 Art Gallery, artists are invited to be inspired by the convention center’s public art collection as well as the broader concept of “public” art today, through the lens of new media that creates learning through ingenuity and exploration. Consider, for example, the ways adaptive technology is improving society and encouraging people of all backgrounds to think beyond.

You are encouraged to submit fusions of art and technology that contemplate what role public art projects and artists play in the shifting ecological, political, social, and global-relations climates of our daily world. You are welcome to incorporate hybrid practices, digital fabrication technologies, science, architecture, design, and virtual and augmented platforms in your work as a means of exploration around crucial societal questions.

Push the boundaries of art as we know it. Plan what works you will submit to further this critical dialogue.


Partnering for the first time with Zú, MUTEK Montréal invites the collective United Curators to lead the third iteration of their international multidisciplinary laboratory using artificial intelligence in the creation of audiovisual works.
The Montreal MUTEK AI Art Lab takes place in Montreal, Canada, from March 1-10, 2020.

The MUTEK AI Art Lab will gather visual and sound artists, creators, musicians and composers, programmers, researchers, engineers and curators alike to jointly explore the intersection of artificial intelligence and art.
The framework will be guided by lectures and workshops introduced by notable professionals including the Lab curators, Natalia Fuchs ARTYPICAL, Gamma Festival, MUTEK.AE) and Maurice Jones (MUTEK.JP); and Peter Kirn (Create Digital Music, Establishment) as the Lab facilitator, as well as AI experts, new media researchers, seasoned musicians and artists.
The goal is to unpack concepts about artificial intelligence, explore our connections with AI and breakdown stereotypes, but, above all, the project wishes to extend the specialized field of AI to artists and creatives who would like to interact more with this emerging technology and learn about its social and philosophical dimensions.

The Montreal edition of the Lab draws from the connections and experiences gathered in St-Petersburg (Gamma_LAB AI, Russia, May 2019), and Tokyo (MUTEK.JP AI Music Lab, Japan, November 2019).

– Ten (10) participants will be selected through this open call;
– Each selected participant will receive a stipend of $1000 each;
– While this call is open to proposals from across the world, five spots are reserved for participants from the City of Montreal;
– This Lab is intended for artists, creators, curators, critics, researchers, engineers,  programmers etc. who have an independent practice or work in the industry sector;
– Applicants should have prior experience with AI, whether theoretical or practical;
– The precise schedule of the Lab with the list of international experts joining will be released in January 2020;
– Because of its international nature, the Lab will take place in English, with French-speaking facilitators in the room.

More details here:

Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts Open Call

Open Call for projects

BEK – Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts – is an interdisciplinary centre
for the development of art and new technology. We aim to extend the field
of electronic art through collaboration, critical reflection and the
sharing of knowledge. For 2016-2020 BEK is partnering with Future
DiverCities, an initiative of ten European partners to facilitate art
projects that relate to the ‘future city’ and the city’s diverse
expressions. Future DiverCities is funded by the Creative Europe Programme.

For the final production of the four year collaboration, BEK wants
proposals for art projects that relate to one or more of the themes below:

– Reflections on the city’s technological challenges, for instance
surveillance, social relations or ecological questions.

– The relationship between the local or micro-level of the city and the
city as a structure or a society, hereunder the city’s diversity.

We want proposals in two categories:

1) Works of art or live acts/performances.

For artworks that are included in the project, BEK will cover transport for
the work, travel for participating artists, a small fee and a fee for live

2) Art projects that are specially developed for this occasion.

The projects can be with or without audience participation, but will
preferably relate actively to a site in Bergen and/or the public sphere.
Three artists will be invited to a stay in Bergen to realise the project.
For the chosen proposals, there will be an allocated budget of up to NOK
80.000 (approximately 7900 euro) that includes a fee, travel, accommodation
in Bergen and all production expenses for the project. If you apply for
such a project, please include a budget and a timeline.

In both categories, we will look for projects that relate to art and new
technology. It is possible to propose projects for both categories in the
same application.

The projects will be presented in Bergen, April 2020, where there will be a
presentation of works, public events, live acts/performances and workshops.

What we want from you in a single pdf file is:

– A short project description, maximum 500 words

– CV of maximum 3 pages

– If you apply for category 1: Documentation of the work(s) you want to
apply with –maximum 7 images or up to 7 minutes of video/sound
documentation. For video and sound, please send links.

– If you apply for category 2: Documentation of earlier relevant works,
sketches for the proposal, budget and a project timeline.

– The application should not exceed 10MB in total.

Please send the material to by Tuesday November 26th, 2019.

If you have any questions, please contact Åse Løvgren:, +47

For more information about BEK and FutureDiverCities, please see and

Creative Technologists Residencey

The Creative Technologists in Residence scheme in the Institute of Creative Technologies (IoCT) at De Montfort University offers Creative Technologists an opportunity for a concentrated period of original research and development supported by the Institute.

About The term Creative Technologist encompasses anyone making, building, designing, developing in a creative way through or with technology. This can include artists, architects, coders, dancers, designers, engineers, hackers, musicians, sculptors etc. across many disciplines and interdisciplinary practices.

Each year we will host 4 residences for a period of 6 months each, within which the Creative Technologists will have access to the facilities in the IoCT. This will include access to laboratory space, technical support, staff consultations, and the body of student and post-grad researchers (were appropriate and available). The scheme is designed for creative technologists to be autonomous with an original project, but to have an opportunity to engage with the culture and community of IoCT. Please note there is no funding available for any aspect of this residency.

The offer:

– Free access to the facilities in the IoCT (nominally 100 hours within normal working hours of the building / DMU)

– Dedicated space inside the IoCT laboratory when free

– Help and support from the community of staff, researchers and students of IoCT were available

– Become a research fellow of the IoCT with access to the library and other spaces around the university

The resident Creative Technologists will

– Conduct a programme of original research and development that advances IoCT’s vision and pushes cultural horizons (visit for more info)

– Contribute to the research environment of the IoCT through engagement with the taught and research programmes (limited to no more than three unpaid ‘sessions’ during their residency)

– Commit to developing a follow-on funding bid involving the IoCT in some way (e.g. PhD scholarship, Arts Council grant, research fellowship)

– Contribute to an IoCT ongoing research project investigating how Creative Technologists make practice-based work with creative technology

– Abide by the codes of conduct of De Montfort University in their capacity as a research fellow.

Entry requirements

– A professional practicing Creative Technologist with demonstrable experience as a professional in your chosen topic for over 1 year

– Standard English language requirements

– Able to conduct the residency in the timeframe stated on this form

Residencies will be awarded on the basis of the overall strength of the expression of interest and an interview.

Email – for an EXPRESSION OF INTEREST application form

Application deadline COP Friday 13th December 2019

IN BETWEEN SPACES: Complex Collaborations #2 16. November 2019

Niehler Freiheit, Vogelsanger Str. 385B, Köln-Bickendorf

19 Uhr Artist Talk (free entry)
21 Uhr STAUB (Cologne)
22 Uhr INSIN (Amman / Bridgend)
23 Uhr STELLAR BANGER (Cologne / Beirut) + Visuals by Maurits Boettger


Abed Kobeissy (buzuq, effects)
Pablo Giw (trumpet, voice)
Ali Hout (percussion, voice, effects)
Joss Turnbull (percussion, voice, effects, samples)
special guest: Mauritz Boettger (visuals)

“STELLAR BANGER. Hailing from Beirut, Abed Kobeissy and Ali Hout are tackling Arabic music’s capacity to express urban soundscapes as an intrinsic part of its local aesthetics. CologneŽs trumpeter Pablo Giw and percussionist Joss Turnbulll extend their instruments to the full means of sonic-intertwine, instrumental deconstruction and acoustic replay. Grainy-raw-and-poly-layered-pink-ecstatic-stutter.“

This rhythmic noise quartet Stellar Banger emerged from a collaboration at the Irtijal Festival for experimental music in Lebanon.

STAUB (Köln)
Sebastian Bathe – Gitarre
Christoph Görke – Schlagzeug <>

INSIN (Amman / Bridgend)
Elvin Brandhi – voice, electronics
Bashar Suleiman – electronics <>

Elvin Brandhi is a female improvising lyricist, producer and sound artist from Bridgend Wales, making auto-tune blast beats from field recordings, tapes, instruments and voice. Live shows are unyielding bursts of erupting animation where her caustic stream of consciousness cavorts with restless, glitched out heaviness. Other main projects include Yeah You, INSIN in collaboration with Bashar Suileman.
Elvin Brandhi and Bashar Suleiman met in the course of a HIZZ-residency in Cairo.

“Hailing from Palestine but currently located in Jordan, Bashar Suleiman has been pouring us inky trip hop shots since 2013, starting with his first single “A77a” that leaves listeners knee deep in his brand of revolutionary beats and complete detachment from society’s algorithmic mores. Bashar has also collaborated with Cairo’s very own street genius ABYUSIF, the admirable Aya Metwalli and the infamous DIJIT. One of the things that make Bashar Suleiman so intriguing is that his tracks exude an air of intensity, like some sort of crazy shit is about to go down.” Scene Noise

by ZAM –  adventurous music – e.V.: “IN BETWEEN SPACES“. funded by Fonds TURN der Kulturstiftung des Bundes, von der Kunststiftung NRW, der Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung und dem Kulturamt der Stadt Köln.

M. L.

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