She is thinking; by-passing the stereotype, and opening a way – to be challenged by it – to experience. Such is the context in which she worked with love: love as an ‘open system’ open to the other, the different, the foreign.

At times she expressed uncertainty, even aversion if the larger probabilities seemed unfavorable, when they are favorable. It is easy to see that lead to for simplicity’s sake, the finite relation.

Often it is not fun at all, although she was be having fun doing it. Or she would find it fun, and most people would hate it.

Her laughter bursts out, enjoying abjection, and always originating at the same source. Not without suffering, not without emotion.

The horizontal rhythms of color – the cobalt, red and white, the ecstatic movement. The horizontal rhythms. Their firmness,  and order is to be overcome. She would feel pleasure lost in the rhythms of energy. Clarity and order under threat; all forms of limit – are being exceeded. In other words, her effort to like oysters going very well.

Her open mindedness was not a theoretical position, but an epistemic practice marked by humility and adherence to a the ideal of intellectual honesty, which is clearly distinguished from arbitrariness, indecisiveness, the lack of sensitivity to  the people around her had nothing to do with an open mind, more so an open heart.

Clearly, this itself was not sufficient, but is a very first, necessary step. The narrowing of intellectual and scholarly life would be the death of her culture of charity, as she liked to think of it.

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