Open call

PIKSTERIA LAB – OPEN CALL to participate
Bring your own ideas, interests, knowledge and tools.

10-15th november
Bergen Kjott
More info:

“From 10th to 15th november, PIKSEL14 – be\O/art festival is
presenting PIKSTERIA LAB a biohacking lab open to all citizens
interested at experimenting new models for knowledge sharing and
collaboration building, in the emergent artistic practices related to
bio, nanotechnology and science related to Bergen and surrounds.”

Open BioElectronix and BioSonification
During this sessions we’ll continue on various prototypes connecting
plants to puredata, making sound with fishes, connecting
brain-measurements to glitch visuals and generally exploring the
possibilities of monitoring the processes of life using open source
hard/software. Water Monitoring Water monitoring, purification and
analysis has been important nodes throughout our activities of the last
few years. Hackteria / Lifepatch Evergreens You wanna build a DIY
microscopy? Or join us for some basic DIY Fermentation or the Art of
making Wine, bubble sonification? Join us anytime and we’ll introduce
you to some of the all time classics!

8bit Mixtape 0.8 and beyond
The idea was to create a synthesizer from an affordable programmable
chip that is playful and could be used by anyone to play the music.
8-Bit Mixtape is using a mathematical expression into a single line of
programming code which generates Algorithmic symphonies. In this
workshop participants will be invited to identify basic electronic
components, soldering the correct way and how to add sound into the
synthesizer. **Schedule 10 – 15. Nov / Pre-Piksel 10. Nov: If you can’t
build your Lab you don’t own the Lab11h | Introduction of all
participants and start lab making!

11 – 13. Nov: DIWO Biohacking (Do it with Others)
11 – 17h | Every day DIWO PiksteriaLab .
16 – 18h | Open sessions. join us, discuss with us, bring some
something, make something — Nights | spontaneous and improvised late
night biotinkering as much as needed… — Project work, collaboration,
discussions & mini-Workshops

14 – 15. Nov: Open PiksteriaLab
11h – 17h | Every day DIWO PiksteriaLab .
16 – 21h | Open sessions for all piksel peeps who want to be in a lab

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